UI & Controls

Global Map

Cyber Egypt Palace - LMB to enter the Recreation Mode

Recreation Mode

W S A D - movement

E - inventory

R - skip time of Memorizing and Waiting

Mouse - camera

LMB - interact with objects

TAB - settings

Game Loop


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Enter the Palace to start Recreation Mode

Click on the Cyber Egypt Palace to start to play in Recreation Mode.

ะ•nter the room and remember the location of all objects in it

Use navigation buttons and Mouse to move to the Room and remember the location of all objects in the allotted time

Arrange objects in their places

Hover over and click on the slot. In the inventory that opens, select Loci to install in the slot. Keep placing Loci until all slots are filled. After that, the room will be considered recreated.

Complete 5 rooms to fully recreate the Palace

After recreating the Palace, you will receive a reward in Mini Memo Tokens, which depends on the time for which you recreated the Palace (If you did not have time to recreate the Palace for a time limit of 10 minutes, the reward will not be credited)

Restore the Palace 10 times to complete the Qualification Table and receive the final reward

The faster the recreation time of the Palace - the higher the reward

Global Time Leaderboard

After completing 10 games, the Global Time Leaderboard opens. In it, Players compete for the fastest recreation of the Palace in time. Players who take places from 1 to 10 will receive Valuable Rewards

Video Tutorial

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