A list of Educational Palaces of the Memoverse
This section describes specific
Educational Memory Palaces and the knowledge that resides within them.

12 Words Seed Phrase Palace

The Most Popular Memory Palace to date. A lot more people than you may think have faced a huge problem of losing access to their crypto wallets. This palace was created specifically to solve this problem and will allow the users to FOREVER remember their unique 12 random word seed phrase for one or a multiple number of their wallets. Of course, Memoverse does not ask the User to enter any of their words but instead teaches how to easily and quickly memorize seed phrases without having to worry about forgetting them later on.

Vocabulary and phrases

There are several language palaces, with the first three languages being: English, Spanish and French. Each language course is divided according to the complexity and the number of words and phrases.
  • Advanced: +300 words and phrases
  • Advanced Plus: +500 words and phrases
  • Native: +800 words and phrases
  • Basic: +100 words and phrases
  • Advanced: +300 words and phrases
  • Advanced Plus: +500 words and phrases
  • Basic: +100 words and phrases
  • Advanced: +300 words and phrases
  • Advanced Plus: +500 words and phrases


Each person wants to be erudite enough to maintain any conversation with any person or just share their knowledge at the right time. This course is dynamic and is constantly growing, supplemented by new information in all areas. The course is divided into sub-courses of 100 questions and answers to them.
  • Sub-course 1 (100 Q&A)
  • Sub-course 2 (100 Q&A)
  • Sub-course 3 (100 Q&A)

Personal facts

This course will allow you to remember important personal information about people. Including info from meetings, important messages, and will allow you to remember facts about past or upcoming events.

Keep tracking of the years

Would you like all the brightest events of your life to remain forever in your memory? This course will teach and allow you to remember such events so that you can share them with others at any time or recall important details at the right time.

Birth dates

Have you ever found yourself in an awkward situation when a person was waiting for congratulations from you on their birthday but never received them because you "forgot about them"? The following course will allow you to remember the dates of the birthdays of all your family members, your friends and acquaintances. Always congratulate your family and friends on time, as it is hugely important for them during that special day!

Historical timeline (centuries of different regions)

With this course, you will always remember all the important events in world history. The course is divided into sub-courses by region and century.
  • America XX-XXI century
  • Europe XV-XXI century
  • Asia XV-XXI century
This course is designed to allow you to remember the basics of human anatomy, body structure, organs and their interactions. In addition, users will be able to apply the acquired skills and knowledge for a more in-depth learning of the anatomy and structure of the body, as well as in many other areas, such as Art, Design, Fashion and Innovative Technologies.

Long Speeches

For most people, it is difficult to remember long speeches. In addition, the excitement before an important speech is superimposed. This palace will allow users to easily memorize speeches of any size and astonish the audience with their performance.
Advanced Study techniques
This educational palace is designed for users who have mastered the technique of Memory Palaces at a basic level. More advanced techniques and methods will teach the user to expand the boundaries of their memory and allow them to remember more information.

Countries and capitals

This course allows the user to remember all the countries of the world and their capitals (197 countries)


This course is designed to immerse users in the world of art at a basic level, and will allow you to remember the 100 most prominent artists and their most famous creations.