Defense Mode

Defense availability

Defense Mode is available to the Player if he has the installed minimum: Land, Palace, 1 Room, and 1 Loci.
MEMO-P received during defense are accumulated on installed Loci.

Palace Modes

The amount of farm
MEMO-P depends on the selected Palace mode. The Player can change the mode in the Palace settings
  • Explore Mode
    • Palace can be explored
    • Farm x1
  • Defense Mode
    • Palace can be explored
    • Palace can be attacked
    • Can install Trophy NFT (any NFT placed in the trophy spot in the Palace's Hall that will mine at x10 the usual rate)
    • Farm x2
    • Perks
    • Defender's Rewards
    • Defender's Leaderboards
The Player can customize Palace in Defense Mode only during the Day.
To increase the protection of the Palace, the Player can
  • install different by style and size Rooms
  • install Loci in different slots inside the Room
  • install Traps inside the Room


If a Player owns a Defender's NFT, they can take profit for the Defense of their Palace (if installed inside Palace)
  • in case of successful Defense,
    MEMO-P are accumulated on NFT
  • in case of unsuccessful Defense,
    MEMO-P are withdrawn from the NFT, not from the Loci inside the Palace