Mobile Client

The Memoverse has another dimension of the game - it's a free mobile application.
In this part, most mechanics are identical to the main part of the game, except for the internal currency. The application uses the so-called "soft" currency


The application uses its own dimension called Phantom Islands.
From the very beginning, the player has his own island the size of the S Land, which he can expand with the development of lands of another size.

Transition to Founders Dimension

Every Player can enter the Founders Dimension if they progress all the way through the Phantom Islands and gain the Pioneer Set.

Pioneer Set

"Pioneer Set" - an award given once a month to the five best players of Phantom Isles.
Rewards inside the set:
  • "Islander" Access Card
  • S Land
  • x1 Exclusive Palace
    • S size
    • 1 Hall
    • 1 S Room slot
    • 1 M Room slot
    • 1 L Room slot
    • 1 XL Room slot
  • x1 Random Exclusive Room from "Islander Set"
  • x3 Random Exclusive Loci from "Islander Set"


List of features between F2P and Blockchain versions
Phantom Islands
Founders Dimension
Building Mode
Attack Mode
Defense Mode
Achievments/Progress Rewards
Farm Memo tokens
Farm "soft" currency
Altars/Memory Keys
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