Memoverse token applications

Memoverse uses a system of three tokens: two real ones and one imaginary token for Free-to-Play game mode, clearly distinguishing the project's governance token and utility tokens.

$MEMO-G (Governance)

$MEMO-G token is the primary investment tool, utility token for DAO and trading business logic, and rewards earnings from Single Token Staking.

$MEMO-P (Play)

Memoverse in-game rewards and utility token that ensures the operation of gaming mechanics, mining rewards, farming profit, and with secondary trading opportunities.

MEMO-F (Free-to-Play)

Exclusively gaming token is used only in free-to-play realms, introductory games on mobile devices, and demonstrations. During special events limited number of NFTs will be up for sale in MEMO-F token on a first come, first served basis.

MEMO-G, MEMO-P, and MEMO-F are working titles and may change in the future.

Token Applications

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