🌐MEMO-F (off-chain)

Used in free-to-play realms, introductory games on mobile devices. During special sale events limited number of NFTs will be up for sale in MEMO-F token on a first come, first served basis.


MEMO-F token allows you to experience the potential of the Memoverse universe without the need to invest real money. Instead, you can invest your time and acquire skills. And even participate in special game events to earn gaming objects with real value.

We want to make Memoverse a transparent and cheating-intolerant gaming universe, so even our free-to-play token uses blockchain architecture. We have deployed our internal Ethereum-compatible nodes for these purposes. We will also provide a block explorer web interface to verify free-to-play realm functionality.


  • Rewards

    • Learning

    • Mining

    • Attack looting

    • Leaderboards

You will be able to experience, albeit in a somewhat reduced form, the basic functionality of Memoverse in the free-to-play realms. By playing in these realms, you still earn MEMO-F tokens.


Currently, you will earn MEMO-F by participating in such gaming actions: Learning (free Educational NFTs), Crafting (Mining), Battling (Attack looting), and Challenges (global free-to-play Leaderboards).


  • Daily activity

  • Online competition

  • Airdrops

We provide several ways to farm MEMO-F tokens directly in the game and outside of it.

Launch the game daily, participate in online activities (for example, in our Discord or on our website), and receive a game token directly to your wallet.

We also run regular token airdrops randomly or based on in-game leaderboards.


  • Build-to-mine

To master the process of memory palaces composing and mining basics, Memoverse provides enough free-to-play gaming objects to build several mining setups.

Like regular $MEMO-P mining builds, these builds will generate a daily income with MEMO-F tokens. All mined tokens accumulate inside the free-to-play Loci NFTs, special objects you place inside the palace rooms. The more tokens earned on these NFTs, the more significant the mining rate will be.

You can withdraw the accumulated tokens to your wallet at any time by burning Loci NFTs.


  • Free-to-play purchases

  • Exclusive real-value objects

Free-to-play purchases

You can buy free-to-play gaming objects with all Memoverse tokens, including MEMO-F. You also have the opportunity to sell such objects on the internal free-to-play marketplace for MEMO-F.

Exclusive real-value objects

We will hold special promotional sales events of valuable gaming and utility objects exclusively available with MEMO-F tokens.

To qualify for such events, you may need to fulfill certain conditions (have a specific mining rate, take certain places in the leaderboards), or they will have a first-come-first-served basis.

The objects you receive during such events do not imply any restrictions on secondary usage. You can use them to farm or mine $MEMO-P tokens or put them up for sale on the native marketplace in any currency configuration.

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