In the Memoverse marketplace is divided into four major sections:
  • M-market - a section in which lots, sets and offers from Memoverse are for sale. The section has subsections:
    • Lots - main offers from Memoverse (single lots)
    • Sets - main offers from Memoverse (sets)
    • Special offers - promotional sets or individual limited offers from Memoverse (single lots and sets)
  • P-market - a section in which lots are displayed for sale or purchase from players. The section has subsections:
    • Main - lots from all players
      • Sale
      • Purchase
    • Exclusively - lots to which players with Founders Access card have access
      • Sale
      • Purchase
  • R-market - a section in which the lots that players rent or want to rent are displayed. The section has subsections:
    • Rent - single lots or sets that players rent out
    • Lease - single lots or sets that players want to rent
  • T-market - a section where players can use the trade-in or pawnshop service (no Player-Player interaction, only Player-Memoverse). The section has subsections:
    • Trade in - a subsection where players can exchange their NFT for new NFT at a discount
    • Pawnshop - a unit in which a player can sell his NFT with the possibility of repurchase after some time
Payments at the market are accepted in
MEMO-P/G. There is an exception for certain sections, where it is possible to pay at the $BUSD