Attack Mode

Attack availability

Attack Mode is available to the Player if he has the Ataсker's NFT.
MEMO-P received during attacks are accumulated on this NFT

Objects to attack

The Player selects a Palace to attack on the Global Map or uses the automatic search option to attack the Palace
  • The Player chooses to interact with the Palace - Attack or Explore. By selecting Explore, the Player turns on the attack delay of 1 game Day for this Palace


RbR (Room by Room) Mode - Player recreates Palace room by room
WP (whole palace) Mode - Player recreates whole Palace at once

Heart's Containers

  • Player's Ataсker's NFT has Heart's Containers in Attack Mode
  • The number of Heart's Containers depends on the rarity of the NFT
  • 1 Container is filled in 5 minutes
    • Containers can be filled with
  • Attack Mode is available if the Player has 3 filled Heart's Containers
  • Heart's Containers are spent (-1)
    • if the Player placed Loci in the wrong place
    • from the effects of Traps
    • not reaching maximum time for recreating


Room or Palace is considered completed when the Player has set all Loci in their places
  • Time for recreating is calculated based on the size of the Room, the number of Loci, the set of Traps
    • there are three types of time - maximum (bronze), average (silver), minimum (gold)
    • each type of time has its own reward in
  • Upon successful Attack of the Palace (full restoration of all Rooms), the Player is rewarded with
    MEMO-P and Trophy NFT (if installed in the lobby)
    • the reward is calculated based on the time and the number of Loci in the Room and Palace