Game 1 - "The Sands of Time"


The minigame introduces Players to Recreation Mode, which is the basis for Attack Mode, in which Players attack each other's palaces in Memoverse.
The Player needs to enter the Palace, memorize and recreate in turn 5 rooms of different sizes with a different number of Loci inside.


Global Map

The game features a static Global Map for this version, on which the Palaces are located. The Player has access to S size palace - Cyber Egypt. Once inside the palace, the Player enters Recreation Mode

Recreation Mode

In Recreation Mode, the Player needs to enter the room inside the Palace, memorize the location of all Loci, and then arrange the Loci in their places from memory. And so it is necessary to do this in turn in each room, after which the Palace will be considered Recreated.


10 qualified games

After the first entry into the mini-game, the Player needs to restore the Cyber Egypt Palace 10 times. For each successful recovery, the Player receives a reward in the Mini Games Currency - Mini Memo Token.
The number of Mini Memo Tokens depends on the time and hearts spent during the Recreation
The player, in addition to restoring the palace, must be in time for the time limit - 10 min. For Players who have exceeded the time limit, the reward will not be issued

Global Leaderboards

After passing 10 qualifying games, the Player opens the Global Leaderboard. The Leaderboard displays the top 10 players who restored the Palace in the shortest time.
The leaderboard is valid for a limited time, and 10 players who find themselves in places from 1 to 10 at the end of the event will receive cool rewards
Also in the mini-game, there is a time limit for the Recreation of the Palace. The faster the Player restores the entire Palace, the more valuable reward he will receive


Cyber Egypt
  • S size
  • 5 Rooms
  • 45+ Loci


10 qualified games Rewards

  • For each successful completion of the game, the Player receives Mini Memo Tokens.
  • The player will be able to convert them into the main token after the event ends

Global Leaderboards

Players who are in prize places from 1 to 10 will receive a unique NFT with Memo Tokens on it. The higher the Player's place, the more Memo tokens on it