• Players can set Traps in the rooms, which will complicate the Attack Mode for other players

    • Traps are placed in the Trap's Slots, which are located in front of the entrance to the Room

  • Traps are also NFTs and can be acquired with 🪙MEMO-P / 🪙MEMO-G

  • The number of traps depends on the size of the room

    • S - 1

    • M - 3

    • L - 5

    • XL - 7

2D Palace map

  1. Floors

  2. Current Room

  3. Installed Room

  4. Hall

  5. Empty Room slot

Traps List


Memory time bomb

  • Removes 5 seconds from memorization time

Recreate Darkness

  • Flashlight effect when Recreating


  • Black and White Filter when Memorising

Drinking companion

  • Add Alcohol view effect


  • Causes the player to freeze if they stand still for 5 seconds. The player will continue to move if he breaks the ice

Secret Recreating Loci

  • Replaces Loсi's icon and model on recreate with Secret icon and model

Squid joy

  • Adds ink spots to the screen


  • Deals damage to a Player


  • Shots Firebolt every 10 seconds. Shoots up

Confused vision

  • Inversion of Vision

Slippery floor

  • Effect of slippery floor in the room When stopped, the player continues to move a little

Foot entanglement

  • Inversion of Movement

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