Governance token applications and specifications


  • CEXs
  • DEXs
    • LP farming
As a governance token, $MEMO-G will freely trade on centralized and decentralized exchanges and will be available through the Memoverse website via vesting agreements claims.


  • Sales
  • Single Token Staking
  • Vesting agreement
    • Token claiming
    • Partner rewards
    • Team rewards
    • Project development
  • Voting rights
  • Native marketplace trading
$MEMO-G token is a simple yet versatile investment tool. It has some classical applications like token trading and staking, as well as more sophisticated approaches to vesting agreements, DAO principles, and native market trading.


  • Voting
    • Stake-to-vote
    • Holder's vote
    • Burn-to-vote
  • Direct
    • Reinvestments
Memoverse project incorporates DAO principles. We provide an opportunity for the governance token holders to vote for the adoption of certain decisions, determine their order, and directly influence the development of new functionality.


We currently support three voting modes, each with a different weight formula.
If you participate in Single Token Staking, you will automatically receive voting rights with vote weights calculated based on staking terms.
You may gain additional voting rights by simply holding the $MEMO-G token for a certain period in the past. Such votes will not have as much weight as staker's votes do.
We also support issuing one-time voting rights for burning a certain number of tokens through a unique voting system on the Memoverse Web portal. The larger burn is, the more weight your vote will gain.
We will publish exact formulas for each voting model shortly before TGE.


We support direct influence on new feature development and their sequencing through the reinvestment tool. You will be able to influence the project's feature roadmap and potentially accelerate some feature development.
With the reinvestment tool on the Memoverse Web portal, you can choose exciting features from the pool and invest directly in them.
Exact reinvestment terms and conditions will be publicly available in Q4 2022 or Q1 2023.

Single Token Staking

  • APY
  • Early access programs
  • Rewards
    • Presale whitelisting
    • Limited series NFTs
    • Utility token mining
  • Voting rights
Memoverse provides the opportunity to stake the primary token, receiving profit from APY and additional bonuses.
The APY interest rate and bonuses depend on the lock period length and the number of staked tokens (per wallet).
Available Memoverse staking periods:
  • 60 days
  • 90 days
  • 180 days
  • 360 days
  • 720 days


The reference table of actual APY interest rates will be announced later.

Early access programs

By staking the $MEMO-G token, you will unlock various early access programs, including special sales and gaming events, new features test drives, and hidden subsections of the Memoverse Web portal.


When you stake $MEMO-G, you're not only making a profit yourself, but you also support the whole project in general and make our governance token even more deflationary. In turn, we offer you different bonuses and cash backs, including presale spots, limited series NFTs and gaming token mining.

Voting rights

For staking, you automatically receive voting rights, thus the ability to indirectly influence the project development. The more you stake (counting the lock periods length), the more weight your vote gains.


  • Single Token Staking (60-720 days)
    • APY
    • $MEMO-P farming
    • Guaranteed presale spots
    • Founder's Club Cards NFTs
    • Staker's vote
  • Holding
    • Holder's vote
    • Burn-to-vote
You may harvest various bonuses when you stake or even hold a MEMO-G token.

Single Token Staking


You will be able to collect APY interest every week.

$MEMO-P farming

For staking the $MEMO-G token, you will instantly receive cashback with our gaming ($MEMO-P) token according to the transformation coefficients. More extended staking periods will provide you with much better multipliers for the cashback formula.

Guaranteed presale spots

By staking specific amounts of the governance token, you will ensure presale spots, giving you the ability to buy valuable items at a reduced price before public sales event.

Founder's Club Card NFTs

Suppose you stake the minimum necessary amount (TBD) of the $MEMO-G token for a specific period of time. If you meet the minimum staking requirements, you will automatically participate in the giveaway event of the very limited number of Founder's Club Card NFTs. Each staking period has its own limited number of Silver, Gold, Emerald or Diamond Founder’s Club Cards that will be given out on a "first come, first serve" model.
FCCs will provide a range of valuable boosts to their owners and will not be sold by Memoverse. Here are some of the additional perks and bonuses:
  • Guaranteed pre-mint whitelist of gaming and mining NFTs – 2X the standard limit while excluding a chance to mint NFTs of basic rarity level;
  • Boosted voting weight;
  • Founder’s Club Card Private Web portal + early sneak peaks;
  • Auto access to free NFT raffle drops;
  • Access to exclusive Discord group & role + direct communication with the Memoverse developers;
  • Exclusive giveaways, raffles, and in-game events and contests;
  • Boosted farming and mining rates;
  • No listing fee at a native marketplace;
  • Discount to royalty upon sales at the native marketplace (up to -11%).

Staker's vote

If you wish, you may participate in the Memoverse DAO by voting for a project's development or administrative decisions. When you stake any amount of token, you automatically gain voting rights.
However, the voting weight is also essential. We will publish the exact weight calculation formula later, yet the general rule of thumb is the more significant your stake and lock duration are, the more weight your vote gains.


Even simply owning a token can have some benefits. You can indirectly participate in the project's decision-making as a mere holder by engaging the hold-to-vote or burn-to-vote business logic.
You also have additional picks in the Memoverse marketplace.


  • Priority purchases
  • Permanent discount program
  • Commission sales
  • NFT trade-in
Additional opportunities open up in the native marketplace if you plan to pay in governance token.
However, please be aware that to counteract the arbitrage trading, items bought with $MEMO-G tokens are available for commission sales inside the native marketplace only in $MEMO-G currency.

Priority purchases

Some in-game or utility items will only be available for purchase with a governance token for a certain amount of time after release.

Permanent discount program

All items listed for sale in multicurrency configuration have a permanent discount program if you purchase with $MEMO-G tokens.

Commission sales

You have the opportunity to put up any gaming or utility items for secondary sale inside the Memoverse marketplace in any currency configuration (unless other limitations apply).
Please, be aware that to neutralize native market manipulations and inflation, Memoverse applies listing and sales fees. You can potentially reduce such expenses with Founder's Club Card NFTs.

NFT trade-in

To build additional value for all gaming or utility NFTs and to encourage the quick exchange of one item for another, Memoverse introduces a trade-in program.
You can exchange your existing NFTs when purchasing new items supporting the program.
Our algorithm will evaluate your NFT by a variety of parameters (such as rarity and size), take into account the gaming tokens accumulated on it, and you will be able to cover the difference in price in $MEMO-G tokens.

Burning events

To ensure the deflation of our primary token, we have planned several significant burning events. Initially, we plan to burn tokens simultaneously with major cliff periods: three, six, and twelve months after TGE.
However, additional events may take place alongside other major marketing or gaming occasions.
We also support individual token-burning actions to achieve voting rights in Memoverse DAO.