Description of Educational Lands of the Memoverse

Education Lands Preview

As mentioned earlier, the user receives the knowledge inside of Memory Palaces.
Players can receive new knowledge of interest to them in the
Educational Memory Palaces specially created for this purpose.
"But where to find these
Educational Memory Palaces ?" you ask. And our answer will not keep you waiting: "Educational lands are located in the very centre of the Memoverse, and every user who wants and thirsts for new knowledge can immediately access any
Educational Memory Palace , and fill themselves with new knowledge!"
Educational Memory Palaces are divided into:
  • by the number of types of knowledge contained in
    Educational Memory Palaces - "Knowledge Areas",
  • by the amount of information inside the
    Educational Memory Palaces - "Small, Medium, Large, Very Large"
  • by type of access to
    Educational Memory Palaces - "Free, Partially Paid, Paid"
But regardless of the palace type, a Demo Version of each
Educational Memory Palaces is available for everyone, so that each user can learn some of the information and understand whether a particular
Educational Memory Palace is interesting and useful.
There are two types of access to Partially Paid and Paid
Educational Memory Palaces
  • Subscription - the user gets access to all
    Educational Memory Palaces for a limited period
  • One-time purchase - the user permanently gains access to the selected
    Educational Memory Palace
But with all this, do not forget that players can utilise all Memory Palaces of the Memoverse to simply remember any information they need!